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NFST National Fellowship for ST Students for Higher Education, Apply at

NFST 2023, or National Fellowship for ST Students 2023 in the framework that is “National Fellowship ” and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST Students. The Ministry of Tribal Affairs, Government of India, invites online applications for the National Fellowship for ST students.

The Fellowship is given to students who have been selected to pursue M.Phil. as well as Ph.D. that have completed their admission or joined for an M.phil/Ph.D program. The relaxation may be considered to the highly candidates who have merit and are currently pursuing admission for PhD/MPhil at AllMs IITs NITS, ICAR, IIMs. Applying online on Ministry’s portal at and Last date of applying online is 31/12/ 2023. For more details candidates should visit Ministry’s portal:-

National Fellowship Scheme For Higher Education of ST Students is an Central Sector Scheme that is fully funded and operated through Central Govt for pursuing MPhil and PhD in the following areas.

Universities/Institutions/Colleges included under section 2(f) /12(B) or 2(D) and 12(B) of UGC Act

Considered to be Universities within Section 3 of the UGC Act 1956, and eligible to receive aid-in-grants from UGC.

Colleges, Universities and Institutions that are supported by Centralor State Government.

Institutes of National Importance.

National Fellowship for ST Students for Higher Education

National Fellowship for ST Students for Higher Education

Fellowship National Fellowship for ST Students 2023

Title Apply for the Fellowship for ST Students 2023

Subject MoTA announced the Online application form for National Fellowship for the ST Students 2023

The Fellowship Agency is suing the Ministry of Tribal Affairs

Category Fellowship

The number of SC Fellowships of 750 JRFs per year

Model Application Online

Scheme Closing Date 31-12- 2023

Official Website

Details of Fellowship for ST Students

National Fellowship for Higher Education for ST Students Goal This scheme offers the financial aid needed by ST students to pursue higher education courses such as M.Phil or Ph.D for students in India. The two Central Sector Schemes namely Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship (RGNF) for ST students as well as the top Class Education specifically for ST Students that were earlier introduced by the Ministry to provide financial aid for students who are pursuing higher studies ST students were combined into one Central Sector Scheme called “National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST Students”.

In this new scheme, fellowships are offered to ST students who want to pursue postgraduate studies after they have completed post Graduation in such fields as M.Phil and Ph.D programs. Fellowships are given in the same manner as UGC Research Fellowships to students who are pursuing these courses on a an ongoing and full-time basis. National Fellowship Scheme is a Central Sector Scheme of Ministry of Tribal Affairs and each year, 750 new ST students are awarded fellowships to pursue M.Phil or Ph. D. Courses. Applications are open through the National Fellowship Portal.

Eligibility for ST Fellowships:

The applicant from ST must have passed the Post-Graduation exam to be qualified to be considered for the Fellowship. The candidate must be granted admission and registration for both full and regular time M.Phil or Ph.D Programs offered by Indian Institutions, Universities and Colleges, as per the following:

National Fellowship and Scholarship for Higher Education of ST Students 2023 (Top Class Education…

National Overseas Scholarship for ST Students 2023, Apply Online at

National Fellowship for OBC Students 2023, Apply Online at

Universities/ Institutions/Colleges included under section 2 (f) / 12(B) or 2(f) and 12(B) of UGC Act.

They are considered to be universities within Section 3 of the UGC Act 1956, and eligible to receive aid-in-grants from UGC.

The Universities, Institutions and Colleges are supported by Central/ State Government

Institutes of National Importance.

The ST students, once they have been deemed qualified to be considered eligible for the Fellowship are not eligible to receive any other award from or from the Centre and/or State Government the same study.

The fellowship is due after the student has been granted admission to the university and has begun their research.

The complete guidelines of the scheme, instruction manual the list of universities, and all the information needed to fill out an application are available on the integrated Web Portal.

Number of Slots /Seats:

The number of new fellowships offered each year is approximately 750. If the number of applicants exceeds the amount of awards available The MoTA will pick the candidates according to the marks scored in the last successful examination. Slots will be allocated to sub-categories with the following order of priority:

Category Slots

Person with Disabilities (PWD)WD 3% of the total slots

PVTG (List at Annexure-VIII) 50 slots

BPL 50 slots

Female 3% of all slots

NO. of fellowships

Duration: The maximum time for which fellowships are available is as follows:

Course Name Duration

Enrollment of M.Phil. 2 years

Ph.D Only 5 years old

The enrollment of Ph.D after the completion with M.Phil Two years (M.Phil) and three years (Ph.D)

Females make up 3% of all slots

fellowship Duration

Financial Assistance

The fellow who is doing M.phil will receive a fellowship amount up to the time of 02 years or until the date of their dissertation, whichever comes the earlier. The fellow who is pursuing Ph.D is paid a an amount for fellowships for up to five years, or until the date of submission of the thesis, or the date of submission, whichever comes first.

SC Fellowship Amount

SC Fellowship Amount

Salient Features of National Fellowship for ST candidates

Scholarships are awarded to 750 new ST students every year to pursue M. Phil and PhD determined on merit on the marks obtained by MSc.

Girls are preferred, Divyangan and PVTGs.

The scholarship is granted for the all the time that the student is pursuing.

A fellowship to M.Phil is offered at $. 25000per month. for Ph.D at Rs.28000per month.

Contingency and HRA Allowances are also offered to fellows in accordance with the guidelines.

The selection process to be eligible for ST Fellowship:

An online portal has been developed by the Ministry to invite applications. Candidates after taking admission for the various courses in the notified Universities/Institutes will submit the application online for fellowship.

The list of qualified candidates to be awarded the Fellowship Based on the information that is available online will be automatically produced and published in the website.

Soft or hard copy of Thesis will be made available to MoTA

The University will ensure that the Teacher/Guide doesn’t enroll more students than is permitted in accordance with UGC regulations.

MoTA could from time examine with student/guide regularly to assess the progress of work. In the event that MoTA is not satisfied with the work It may end the fellowship.

What documents must be uploaded on the Portal to apply for Scholarship?

The following documents must be uploaded to be uploaded in order to submit fresh applications to the National Fellowship Scholarship and uploading of documents is not required to apply under the Fellowship Scholarship Scheme.

Student Photo.

Certificate of birth date (SSC/HSC/10th board certification)

Scheduled Tribe / PVTG Certificate.

A Family Income Statement provided through the Competent Authority.

BPL Certificate (If you’ve chosen to use it or “Father/Mother’s acceptable BPL Certificate should not be the Grandparents’ BPL Certificate)

Person that has Disabilities Certificate (If it is applicable)

Each Semester Sheets of Marker in One PDF (Where the percentage/CGPA/OGPA is clearly distinguished)

Conversion Factor Formula For the Case of CGPA/OGPA in Percentage, the pertinent document should be uploaded in the place where the equivalent percentage is mentioned [example: on the back of the marksheet, or it could be requested a letter from the Collegeor Instituteor University in which the equivalent percentage will be stated in the letter].

Registration: The students may fill the application through registration at

Application of Fellowship The Fellowship is only valid starting the year of financial the selection.

What should I do if have forgotten my password?

The procedure for resetting the password can be found below:

Student login->Forgot Password

Enter your mobile number and hit”Submit.

Enter the OTP that was sent to mobile number and then enter the new password.

Click on the button to submit.

What are the main reasons behind being unable to continue fellowship?

The following reasons can be cited to cancel fellowships:

If the recipient is determined not eligible to receive the award at any point throughout the duration that the award is in effect.

Conduct of the awardee.

Research work is not progressing as expected.

Other fellowships are taken from a different source(s)or selected fellowships or drawn from the Ministry of Tribal Affairs for the fellowship earlier.

Falsehood of facts or any other misconduct-related grounds.

Apply for National Fellowship and Scholarship for ST Students

Item Applying Link

Scholarship for ST Students Apply For Scholarship

Fellowship for ST Students Apply for Fellowship

Apply for National Fellowship and Scholarship for ST Students

How do I send in your ST Fellowship Online Application 2023?

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued the National Fellowship announcement and invited applicants to apply for fellowships for ST students in the National Fellowship for ST students (NFST) scheme. You can make an application online on the official site that is operated by UGC, Candidates can apply for a maximum of 750 slots in this ST fellowship. To apply for the National Fellowship for ST students should follow the following easy steps.

Visit the Website

Candidates must go to the official website of the University Grants Commission (UGC), website in your device’s browser.

Select the View All button

Once you reach the official website, click on the View All Button at Scholarship/Fellowships section on the home page.

Click on the View Details Info button

After clicking on that link, e-Scholarship-Fellowship Award Registration Tracking System web page will appear. Under”Fellowships” tab search for the ‘National Fellowship for ST students Click on the “View details.

Click on Apply Now Link

When you click on the link, the National Fellowship for ST students website will open. On this website you can click on the “Apply Now” link.

Register Yourself

When you click on the link After clicking that link, a new registration page will open. You can register yourself with basic details.

Fill the Application Form

Once you have completed the registration, complete all the necessary information and fill out your application.

Download the Application Form

Once you have completed your application, press”Submit. After that, the application form will be completed and saved for later reference.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) on NFST

Who are eligible for the National Fellowship Scholarship Scheme?

The applicants from Scheduled Tribes (ST) with a ST membership who have passed the post-graduate examination and meet the criteria of the Scheme guidelines of the Ministry of Tribal Affairs (MoTA) are eligible to apply for the fellowships.

What kind of institutions/universitiesthat are covered by Fellowship?

Candidates must be admitted and registration for full and regular time M.Phil/Ph.D Programs at Indian Universities , Institutions or Colleges, as per the above the section on eligibility

What are the available slots/seats for gathering?

There are 750 slots and seats to be filled with fellowship every year.

What is the length of Fellowship?

The maximum length for which fellowships are offered is listed above in the section on duration

Are there any income requirement to apply for scholarships?

There isn’t any family income threshold to apply for the scholarship.

If a student is not able to finish his/her course, what happens in such a situation?

If a student fails to finish the course due to reasons beyond his/her control, the student is responsible for reimbursing 50percent of amount of fellowship received in the direction of Ministry.

What amount of Financial Assistance is available?

The students selected will receive the award as per information in the Section Financial Assistance Section.

What is the date of commencement of the fellowship?

The date that fellowship begins for the year of selection is the date they were admitted to or enrolled in an M.Phil/PhD course.

Does there exist a gap time to apply for Ph.D after the completion or completion of M.Phil Course?

The gap period for admission to Ph.D following the completion the M.Phil lasts one year. Fellowship expires in the event that the gap time is longer than one year.

Do I have the opportunity to avail a grant from the Central/ State Government for the same course?

The ST students, once they have been deemed qualified to receive the Fellowship are not eligible to any other scholarship from either the Central Government or State Government the same study.

Is it possible to transfer the fellowship from one of the Universitiesor Institutes/ Colleges in another Universitiesor Institutesor Colleges?

It is the Selected Students of Fellowship will be allowed to transfer the fellowship from one of the Universitiesor Institutesor Colleges to other Universitiesor Institutesor Colleges subject to the online submission of a “No Objection” Certificates from both Universitiesand Institutesor Colleges. After that, approval from the Ministry is required to conclude the transfer process.

What can a student do to upgrade their his or her course to M.Phil in order to Ph.D ?

The Student must present an upgrading certificate issued by Committee composed of three members consisting of the Head of Department, Supervisor and an outside subject expert who will be appointed by the concerned Department of the University/ Institution/ College to evaluate the performance of the performance of the student.

How do I apply online for a scholarship?

New Students are required to apply online for the first time and need to “Register” on the National Fellowship Scholarship Portal at by filling “Student Registration Form”. Once you have successfully logged in will be sent to the registered email address.

What is the type and size of documents and profile photos which are uploaded?

All documents must be uploaded as pdf files as well as Profile Photos should be uploaded in pdf format. Profile Photo should be in .jpg/.jpeg format. (Size 50KB-100KB).).

Do I have the ability to edit the data that I have already saved? And up to when?

You can modify information until you submit the application.

What fields can I modify prior to submitting my application?

Editing all information is possible apart from “Registration Details”. It is important to note that when you send in your form, it will be sent to the next level , and after that , editing isn’t allowed. So, prior to the final Submission it is important to checked that the information is completed properly and that the documents are submitted.

Are there any Award No?

A proviso Award number is given to the applicant in accordance with the their domicile state as specified in the Application Form. When the application has been submitted online, the student should keep their ID number until finalization if they have been chosen. All communications between the Department will be done through this ID.

What should I do to verify how my online application is doing?

After logging in, enter your the correct Award number and password to determine the status. The status of your application is “Pending” or “submitted” under the checkbox “Check Your Status”.

How do I verify my results?

The list of the students selected as Provisionally will be made available on the Ministry portal. Students are able to check their results on through the Ministry portal. Students are also notified via SMS.

What criteria are used in selection?

The selection of students is based on basis of the marks achieved during the Post Graduation Course.

What is the deadline for students to update their Research Topic?

The students must change their research information on the grievance portal located in the Research section following their entry into the course.

If the certificate of continuation has to be presented either quarterly or monthly?

The continuation certificate must be submitted to be presented by students on a quarterly basis.

If the HRA certificate must be submitted quarterly or monthly?

The HRA certificate must be provided by students on a an annual basis.

When do students have to file a progress report?

Students are required to submit their progress report to the university on a every year.

What can students do if their joining date is incorrectly stated in the report on joining?

Students must return the joining report to the university with the actual dates of their joining. The University is required to alter the joining date when linking the ID through the Canara Bank portal

What is the method of payment of Fellowship?

The payment of fellowships to selected students will be paid on a monthly basis, via Direct Benefit Transfer through the Ministry of Tribal Affairs through the bank accredited following approval by the Ministry.

What are the documents that students are required to submit to the university following the having completed the course? Students must submit either the official copy of the degree awarded (M.Phil./Ph.D) or a course graduation certificate for the institution. The information regarding the completion of their course must be submitted by the University via the ministry portal in order to ensure that the payment for the final three months will not be made. Students are further required to post their his thesis through the portal.

What documents must be uploaded to the Ministry portal? Students must upload either the original copy of the degree awarded (M.Phil./Ph.D) or the course completion certificate. Additionally, the thesis papers must be uploaded on the Tribal repository. linking of ID at the Canara Bank portal by university/Institutes. After that, the Ministry will then approve the ID. If the name of the person is different in the master data as well as banking account details, institution must correct the error by selecting “beneficiary code updation”. This is done by using the creator and checker IDs at the university.

What is the process for generating a beneficiary code generated, in the event of “Beneficiary code rejected” is it is displayed on Canara Bank portal? Answer the beneficiary code is invalid when IFSC code was entered incorrectly, or the account is closed or blocked. The university is required to change the valid account number with IFSC code on the portal and be cleared through the department.

What documents should be delivered to the Ministry following the selection? Students must provide these documents to the Ministry following the selection process Bond paper in original form properly filled (Execute with a stamp that is not judicial paper Rs.20 or more) A signed check list from the the university.

Which documents should be uploaded to this grievance website of the Ministry following the selection? Students are required to upload the following documents to the portal for grievances of the Ministry following the selection process The following checklist must be signed and dated with a stamp by the university Undertaking to be able to avail/NOC for non-advised scholarships from other sources

What documents must be provided to the university in the aftermath of the selection? The student is obliged to submit these documents as requested from the University.

Implementation of the Scheme:

The Scheme will be executed by the Ministry of Tribal Affairs and the procedures for Implementation are as like: Fellowship

MoTA will announce about the plan by placing appropriate ads on The Newspaper/ Websites /Portal.

University/Institution will be responsible for verifying genuineness of the requisite certificates furnished by the candidates in order to eliminate the possibility of students availing the Fellowship on fake certificates shall rest with concerned. They will not be responsible for verifying the authenticity of certificates. University/ Institute will not cost any fee to verify the authenticity of the certificates.

Fellowship will become payable to successful ST students who are included in the selection list auto generated by the portal only upon securing registration/admission in any of the notified University/Institution and fulfilling the eligibility criteria prescribed for the Scheme.

The students, who are awarded the Fellowship under the scheme, shall have to pursue the study in the respective University/Institution on full time basis.

The performance of ST students included in the scheme is constantly monitored by the head of the Department of the institution/university and recorded, in the form of an official report card, to the Ministry of Tribal Affairs at the conclusion of every academic year.

Any institution that violates the terms of the Scheme and/or the guidelines given from the Government of India will be notified. In the event of denotification/deletion of any Institution, the Fellowship will continue to be available to the ST students already admitted under the scheme, if otherwise eligible, till completion of the course. But, no seating will be assigned and no funds are released to the institutions that have been de-notified. (vii) The decision of the MoTA regarding the awarding of the Fellowship will be final.

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