Pre matric Post matric Scholarship Registration 2023 at National Scholarship Portal

Pre matric Post matric Scholarship Registration 2023 at National Scholarship Portal

National Scholarship Registration 2023 would be started every year by the Government of India on its official website of National Scholarship Portal at OR Pre matric/ Post matric Scholarship Registration 2023 at NSP web portal. Here are the details on how to submit an online scholarship application at National Scholarship Portal. Online application for scholarship schemes for renewal and fresh starts.

Application Procedure for Renewal of an Old Scholarship Application Procedure for Fresh Scholarship. The list of documents required to apply for scholarships at NSP. Guideline for filling out the Online Scholarship Application Form on National Scholarships Portal.

How to apply online for Pre-matric Post-matric Scholarships at National Scholarship Portal. National Scholarships Portal provides a single-stop solution for all your needs, including student application, receipt, processing, sanction, and disbursal. National Scholarships Portal is a Mission Mode Project of the National e-Governance Plan.

Scholarship Registration

Scholarship Registration 2023

Name of the registration National Scholarship Registration 2020

National Scholarships for Students: Pre-Matric, Post-Matric, and Merit Scholarships

Register for Scholarships 2023

The Scholarship Registration 2023 has been made possible by the Ministry of Education, Govt of India

Category Registration

Official Website

Register for National Scholarships

Register at NSP Portal to Apply for National Scholarship 2023. Scholarship Registration 2023 is available: The Government of India provides National Scholarships for students who are eligible under the Central Sector Scholarship Scheme. This scholarship will be in effect for the academic year 2023/23. To receive scholarships, students must register online at the National Scholarship Portal.

To do this, students must register online for National Scholarships at FRESH students should click the “New Registration” option at the NSP Website. Students who have been renewed should click on the ‘Login’ option and choose their academic year.

National Scholarship Portal 2023 – Apply for Pre Matric, PG, and Post Matric Scholarships at…

National Scholarship 2023: Pre-, Post-, and Merit Scholarships for Students. Apply at…

GoI Pre-matric/Post-matric/Merit cum Scholarships for Minority Student 2023

The final step is to complete the application. The School / College Login will contain the application. Students must notify the School / College Login if there are any modifications to the FRESH student application or the renewed application. The student login will keep the deficient application.

The Student/Applicant’s primary responsibility is to apply for the Scholarship at NSP. The Fresh Student is the student/applicant who applies for the first time through National Scholarship Portal. Renewal students are students who have been awarded scholarship in any scheme at NSP during the preceding Academic Year.

Instructions for the applicant

Students who are applying for a scholarship for the first-time (Fresh Student) must register on the portal as a new applicant. They will need to provide accurate and authenticated information, as shown on their documents in “Student Registration Form”.

Parents / guardians of students under 18 years old must complete the registration form.

Students/Parents/Guardians are encouraged to have the following documents on hand before registering.

Student documents

Number of student’s bank account and IFSC code for the branch. Parents can provide account details for pre-matric scholarship schemes where students don’t have their own bank accounts. The parents account number cannot be used for scholarship applications beyond two children.

Aadhaar number for the student. If Aadhaar cannot be found, Bonafide student certificates from Institute/School will be issued.

Aadhaar Enrolment ID & Scanned Copy of Bank Passbook

If Institute/School is not in the same place as the domicile of the applicant, Bonafide student certification from Institute / School will be issued.

Instructions to fill out the Scholarship Application

Below are brief instructions on how to fill out the online Application Form. Fields marked with * indicate mandatory fields.

Date of birth (DOB: Please provide DOB printed on educational certificates.

State of Domicile: A state where students have their permanent residence.

Students must provide correct information about their domicile state as the “Application Id”, which will be assigned to them, is based on that state.

This application ID will be used for future reference and as “Login Id”, on the portal.

The student cannot change his or her domicile state once it has been allotted.

If the student’s domicile is not the same as the school/institute where he/she studies, the student must provide a Bonafide certificate in the prescribed forma.

Scholarship Categories: Scholarships are broken down into the following major categories. Students are required to choose the appropriate category based upon their course/class.

Pre Matric Scholarship Scheme for Students from Class 1 to Class 10.

Students in Class 11th-12th are eligible to apply for the Post Matric Scholarship scheme/Top Class Scholarship Program/Merit Cum Scholarship Scheme. This scholarship is open to students who have completed at least 12th grade. Com., B. Tech, Medical/students at top colleges like IITs or IIMs/ Students pursuing Technical and Professional degrees etc. Attach a hyperlink that identifies details about different Ministries.

Name of student: Please provide the name printed on educational certificates. Students applying for Post Matric Scholarships, Top Class Scholarships and MCM Scholarships should provide their name in the class 10th certificate.

Students must provide Aadhaar number in order to verify that your name appears on your Aadhaar card.

Mobile Number: Please provide a valid mobile number. All communications and One-time passwords relating to portal activities will be sent via SMS from this mobile number.

Only one registration per mobile number is permitted for Post Matric, Top Class, and MCM Scholarship Schemes.

Pre-matric scholarship scheme: Students who do not have a mobile number may provide their parents’ number.

Only scholarship applications for their children can be filled out using the parents’ mobile phone number.

Email ID: This email ID will contain all communications and One-time passwords relating to portal activities.

Details about your bank account: Please provide the active bank account number as well as the IFSC code for the branch that the student is a member of. Based on your IFSC number, the name of the bank will automatically be mentioned. You can write the name of your bank in pencil on the bank passbook if it is not.

One bank account number is required for each registration of the Post Matric, Top Class or MCM scholarship program.

For pre-matric scholarship scheme, students who do not have their bank account number can use the parent’s number.

The parent’s account number cannot be used for more than two children.

Identification Details: Please carefully select and enter the information. For identification details, you must choose one of these options:

Aadhaar Number – Students with Aadhaar numbers are required to provide 12-digit Aadhaar numbers printed on Aadhaar cards.

After submitting the registration form the system will match the applicant’s personal identification details with the Aadhaar records.

One registration per Aadhaar number is permitted. If multiple student applications are made to the system in a later stage of the process, they will all be rejected.

You may also notice that your Aadhaar# could be used to credit a scholarship amount in the account linked* with your Aadhaar# in fast track mode.

In all cases where the student is not able to present Aadhaar, the student must provide a bonafide certification issued by his Institute/School in accordance with the prescribed proforma. This will include Aadhaar number and scan copy of the first page of his Bank Passbook (containing the applicant’s photograph).

For scholarship, you will need to link your bank account and Aadhaar number. Please visit your bank branch and complete a “bank consent” form.

You can check which bank is linked to your Aadhaar number on NPCI mapper here or through Aadhaar-enabled micro-ATM machine of any of these banks.

The default login ID and password for NSP portal will arrive at the mobile number you provide after you submit the application. If the password does not arrive, you can use the forgot password option on the login page.

Students are encouraged to include ‘Annual Family Income’ in the Income Certificate issued by a competent authority.

Steps to Complete the National Scholarship Registration 2023

Students can apply online for scholarships once they are informed about the National Scholarship Portal (NSP) portal. These are the steps you need to follow in order to submit a successful online application.

Visit Website

Students need to visit the official website of the NSP portal, in your device browser.

Click on “New User” Register Link

After you have reached the official website, click on the New User Registration link. The guidelines for registration should be read and understood by the applicant. Once you have ticked the radio buttons, click on the Click to Continue button.

Complete the New Registration Form

Once you click on the link, a new registration form will be opened. Select the Pre Matric option for classes 1-10 OR the Post Matric/ MC/ Top class for classes 11, 12, UG and PG. Fill out the form with the required information, and then click the Register button.

Click on Login and Apply Link

After completing the new registration, students will receive a unique application ID number and password via SMS to the registered mobile number. Click on the Login To Apply link at the top of the page. Next, the Login for Fresh Application webpage will be displayed in your device.

Enter Login details

The login page will allow students to log in to NSP with their application ID and password that were sent at the time they registered. Click on the login button. The student must reset the password after the first login. The password must be kept confidentially and safely. Only the student can change their mobile number before the first login. Before changing the password received.

Click the Application Form link

Once you click on the login button, a dashboard for applicants will open. To proceed with your scholarship application, click on the “Application Form” button.

Complete the Application Form

The application form page will open after you click on the link. The Application Form has three parts: Registration Details, Academic Details and Basic Details. The application form should be completed by the student. All supporting documents must also be uploaded. Click on the “Final Submit” button.

Print the Application Form

Your application will be submitted after you click on the submit button. Print and save the application form for future reference.

Click Here to Apply

Apply for renewal and freshness:

Submitting a renewal or new application for any scholarship scheme (Pre Matric/Post Matric/ MCM/Top Class)

A. Filling a Fresh Scholarship Application Form: Guidelines to fill the online Fresh Scholarship Application Form on National Scholarships Portal.

Aadhar Number is now optional for students. Students without Aadhar numbers can register for the current Academic Session with Enrolment ID and Bank Passbook. It is recommended that applicants carefully read the Information Bulletin and familiarize themselves with the requirements to complete the National Scholarship Portal scholarship application.

The applicant will have to ensure that he/she meets all conditions for the scholarship and is eligible to apply. His/her scholarship may be cancelled immediately if the applicant is found ineligible at any stage of the application process, including verification by authorities. He/She will face disciplinary action and be placed on the blacklist to be eligible for Central Government scholarship for five years.

Before final submission, applicant must verify that all information provided is correct. There will not be any opportunity to amend details. Online submissions of scholarship applications will only be accepted. The title/labels marked with * must be included in the Application.

I. Online Submission of a New Application Form for Scholarships:

Online submission of the Application form can be done through the website in any of the internet access points. Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are recommended for better visibility.

Click on the “Apply for fresh” button on the “Home Page” to Apply for Fresh. Notification: This new page will ask you to enter the preliminary data required for registration.

Click on “Registration” to fill in the details. Complete all details that correspond to the titles/labels on the Registration page. Notice: All fields marked with an “*” must be completed.

After registering successfully, applicants will receive their “Student Identification ID”.

Students will be able login to their Account through the “Student Register ID”.

Application form

The Application screen will open when applicants click the “Application Form Icon” Icon. Notice: The Application Form includes three key sections of information, as described below.

Below is a magnified view of each title

a) Registration Details

b) Academic Details

c) Basic Details

After clicking “Save and Continue”, the next page opened. Notice: The Application Form Section is divided into three sections as described below.

Below is a magnified view of each title

d) Contact Details

e) Scheme Details

f) Upload documents

After clicking “Final Submission”, the application is submitted.

If necessary, students can also print the Application.

This completes the online application submission process for applying for a scholarship on the National Scholarship Portal

B. Filling Renewal Scholarship Application form:

Here are the guidelines for filling out the Renewal of Scholarship Application Form on National Scholarships Portal.

Students: Students who have already received scholarships through NSP Portal do not need to register again. To renew their online scholarship application, they will need to log in using their last year Application ID or Password.

All applicants applying to renew a scholarship application are required update their Aadhaar number and mobile number

It is recommended that applicants carefully read the Information Bulletin and familiarize themselves with all requirements for filling out the Renewal Scholarship application on National Scholarship Portal.

The applicant will have to ensure that he/she meets all requirements for re-scholarship and is eligible to apply.

The scholarship will be canceled without notice if the applicant is found ineligible at any stage.

He/She will face disciplinary action and be blacklisted in order to be eligible for a Central Government scholarship for five years.

Before final submission, applicant must verify that all information provided is correct. There will not be any opportunity to amend details.

Online submissions of applications for scholarships will only be accepted.

In Application, Titles/Labels marked with * must be included

The following steps are required to renew an online scholarship application:

II. II. Online Renewal of an Application

Apply for Renewal: For applying online Renewal, Applicants visit the website in any of the internet access points. Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are recommended for better visibility.

Click on the “Apply for Renewal” button on the “Home Page”.

Log in with your Registered Email ID, Password and password as shown below. NOTE: Applicants applying for renewal can still use their existing User Registration ID

The welcome page was displayed after successful login.

Renewal Screen: Click “Renew Application” to send the applicant to the Renewal Screen, as shown below.

Notice: All fields marked “*” and shown in white must be completed as indicated below.

* Aadhaar/Enrollment ID/Bank Passbook

* Mobile Number

* Previous Class (%)

* Admission Fee

* Tuition fees

* Other Fees

Once you have completed all required information, click “Save & Continue” and then go to the next page. Notification: Applicants may also upload their Certificates prior to final Submission.

The application is submitted when you click “Final Submission”. If necessary, students can take a printout of the Application.

C. Guidelines for Online Verification of Registered Applicants by Institute Under National Scholarships Portal

Section on Institutes: This section covers all activities related to institutes, including the updating of Institute profiles and the verification of applicants applying for National Scholarships.

Updates to the Profile of Institutes: A user at the institute level can update and modify the profile of an institution.

Institutes Updates & Adds Details: This portal allows institutes to update their Course Level, Course Fees, and Course Fees.

Notice: Students can apply for scholarships by updating their Institute Profiles well in advance. Image shows the steps for submitting the Institute’s Form Updation and Verifications as Applied Applicant.


Register for an Institute Account

Welcome to Dashboard

Click Profile Edit in the Dashboard

This page allows you to edit or update your profile.

Edit Profile

Notice: All fields marked with an “*” must be completed.

The DISE Code and Institute Name are not editable.

Institutes should be aware that Institute Profile can only be edited once.

Institute must upload his “Registered Certs” before final submission.

Clicking the “Upload” icon will open a dialog box to allow you to upload your documents.

After you have completed all required information, click “Final Submission” to view your final submission.

This completes the process of Institute Profile Edit.

Once you have completed the Profile Edit Process successfully, go back to Dashboard and click on “Add and update details”.

Clicking “Add and update details” allows the user to modify the following information:

I. Add & Update Course level



Clicking “Add n update Course level Option” brought up a page that highlighted the Offered Course Level. This allows the Institute update and add Course Levels.

Clicking the Course Level dropdown option, a Menu bar appears highlighting the courses level.

Example: Clicking Course Level such as “Postgraduate”, from the dropdown menu will bring up the next page which highlights courses that lead to post-graduation.

The page that highlighted Course Level and Courses was displayed when you clicked “Add & update Course” option.

Execute with an Example: When selecting Postgraduate option at Course level, the “Add and update Course” option allows user to select suitable Courses.

Execute with an Example: Selecting the appropriate courses from the dropdown menu, next appeared the selected courses.

To add value, click on “Add & update fee” after you have completed the updating courses.

Click “Submit” after you have added the Courses fees. Click “Submit” to complete the Institute Add & Update Details Option for the National Scholarship Portal

Once you have completed the “Addition & Updating Information” process, go back to Dashboard and click on “Application Verification”.

Notice: The following data will be displayed for applicants who have clicked on the “Application Verification Screen” icon.

Total number of registrations

Applicant Registration ID

Name of the Applicants/Father Name, and Contact Number

Name of the Applied Course

Name of the Scheme to be Applied

Facilitate user to filter applicants via Scheme wise/Academic Year, Course/Category wise.

You can also view the entire Application form under “View Details” to verify/reject and add comments as Defects.

Clicking on the Verify/Reject/Defect icon from Applicant Verification page will bring up the next page highlighting the selected applicant. The Institute can verify applicants details after selecting applicants or all applicants.

Clicking on Selected Applicant will allow the user to view all details for each applicant.

This page allows you to comment on the remark column and add comments about Applicant’s deficient application.


After adding value and comments via verification, the form was sent back to the Applicant for correction. No more information will be displayed in Verification Page.

After the applicants have corrected the application, the form will be reappeared for re-verification

If applicant is verified by user, the Applicant Form will be approved at Institute Level

This completes the verification process for applications by Institute for National Scholarship Portal

Clicking the “Re-verification” button from Dashboard brought up a page with data showing Applicant form for verification.

Clicking on the view details icon of a particular Applicant detail will allow you to view his corrected form.

Clicking “Applicant renewal verification” brought up a page that highlighted applications for renewal submitted by applicants from previous sessions.

Clicking on the view details icon of a particular Applicant detail will allow you to view his corrected form.


Online viewing of State-wise registration can be done through by visiting website in any of the internet access points. Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are recommended for better visibility.

Click on Ministry Guest Login at the “Home Page”. – Ministry Guest Login

Clicking on Ministry Guest Login will bring up the “Welcome Page”, which contains the following graphical presentation.

Total Quota allotted by each state and applications received against that quota

Total Verified Apps State-Wide (Verified by State & PFMS).

Total Quota

State-wise Quota

Allotted Received Against the Quota

Total Verified

Verify Application Applications by State: Apply Verify by the PFMS

To verify the number of State Wise Registrations, click on “State Registration Icon”.

Note: This page displays 15 items.

b) You can also download this list by clicking “Export Option” in CSV/Excel/XML format.

Clicking any state will bring up details about the Total Number of Registrations for that State. Next, you’ll see the number of registrations in each District and Block of that State.

Example: 5.1 On clicking state ,,Uttar Pradesh”

Note: This page shows the total Verify Registrations in Uttar Pradesh

Clicking on state will bring up the next page, which highlights No. Verify registration in all Districts

Clicking any district, such as Lucknow, will bring up the next page highlighting No. Each Block has its own Verify Registrations.

Note: This page shows the total number Verify Registrations in each Block of Dist. Lucknow.

Click Block like Lucknow to open the next page. It highlighted the following details: Name of Student ID Fathers Name Scheme Opted States/Block Name

Click Export Option to save your details in Excel/XML/CSV.

After the Data has been saved, the user can view the details in the saved file.


Online State wise registration can be done through the website in any of the internet access point. Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are recommended for better visibility.

Ministry Guest Login

Click on Ministry Guest Login to the Home Page

Click here to Register for Pre- and Post-Scheme

Pre and Post Matric Registrations. Note: Clicking “Pre & Post Register Scheme” will bring up the following page.

Name of the State

Number of pre-matric registrations

Number of post-matriculations

Total and subtotal Pre & Post registrations.


For applying online complaints in scholarships portal, applicants can visit the website in any of the internet access point. Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are recommended for better visibility.

Click “Complaints” on the “Home Page”: — Complaints

Clicking the “Complaints Icon” icon will bring up the Complaint Form.

Login to “Complaint Portal” via “User Registration ID” in order to see the Complain Status

In the given format, “Complaint status” was displayed. This will allow you to complete the online application and view complaint status for National Scholarship Portal – Online National Scholarship Portal


FAQs about Scholarship Registration

What is the UID/Aadhaar number?

UID number, also known as “Aadhaar”, is a Unique Identification Number (UIDAI). After de-duplication of biometrics, Aadhaar is a 12 digit unique number.

To apply for a scholarship, do I need my Aadhaar Card?

Aadhaar No. It is not mandatory for students to register and fill out the online application form. You can apply for Scholarships without having to enter your Aadhaar number. However, students must enter Aadhaar enrollment Id. Aadhar Numbers are not required for the States of Assam and Meghalaya, Mizoram, and Mizoram.

Do you have a permanent ID? Is it possible to get it?

Yes. After registration is complete, a candidate will receive an Application ID (Permanent Identification). Candidates will receive it via SMS and e mail. It is important that students keep track of their Application ID in order to apply for renewal or fresh scholarships.

If I’m a Renewal candidate, can I apply for a Fresh?

If you are a renewal candidate, your application cannot be submitted as a new. In that instance, your application will be denied.

What do I do if my institute name is not listed in the drop-down menus?

Contact the institute immediately to reach the nodal office of the State in which the institute is located. The Nodal Officer in that State can be contacted directly via e-mail, with an indication to the Ministry. Your application will be accepted if your institution is a eligible one.

How can I find the address and name of the Nodal Officer/ State Department of my State

You can find the contact information and name of the State Department/Nodal Officer of all States/UTs in the “Services->Know Your State Nodal Official” option.

How do I check the status my application?

Students can check their status online by submitting their Permanent id, Date Of Birth, and clicking the link “Check Your Status”.

How do I view the details of a specific scheme?

Click on Guidelines to see a specific scheme that is displayed in the On-Boarded Schemes section of the Home page.

How to know the deadline for verification of application at the Institute/District/State Level?

The deadline to register is 31/12/2020. The deadline for other levels like Institute/District/State would be published on the portal soon.

Is there a way to publish advertisements by States that could be placed on the portal?

Once the modalities have been finalized, this procedure will be published widely.

How do you solve the problem of login even though you have received a system generated Application ID, DOB and Password?

You may use the “Forgot Application Id” option. This problem can be solved by Search by Bank Account Number or Search by Mobile Number.

In Renewal cases, login data (ie Application ID and DoB) are showing an error “Invalid user name/password”. What’s the solution?

You may use the “Forgot Application Id” option. This problem can be solved by Search by Bank Account Number or Search by Mobile Number.

To register the educational institute, there is not a link on the NSP2.0 portal.

State Nodal Officers have the ability to create new institutes.

What is the NSP2.0 format for uploading different types of documents?

The Document Upload Popup Screen provides the format for the document that can be uploaded.

How do you handle the problem of Bank Account Number length being limited to 15 characters in NSP2.0, where the bank gives 16 or 18 characters?

The Account Number is now sufficiently long.

How can the applicant overcome an inability to choose Block/Taluk?

The Block/Taluk has been made optional.

The telephone number 0120-6619540 listed on NSP2.0 portal does not work properly. Many calls are placed on hold.

The Telephone Helpline has been strengthened. The number of nodes has been increased and the working hours have been extended.

Please describe the process for the Renewal the old scholarship.

To proceed, please choose “Apply for renewal” on the Portal’s Home Page. After that, the old Application Id (Date of Birth), and Password (Password) should be submitted.

Is it possible to send the Login credentials via SMS?

Yes. Yes.

Do you have the operational guidelines?

These are in preparation for publication.

How do I find the contact information of different Nodal Officers

The Services Link on the NSP Portal provides details about State Nodal Officers in Scheme-wise detail.

What can you do if a scholarship program isn’t on the drop-down?

If the student’s inputs do not match the Guidelines, Scholarships cannot be granted.

How can I track the status my application?

Log in with your Application Id or DOB to access the “Check Your Status” option.

What can you learn about the services offered by the portal?

You can find the complete User Manual, contact details of State Nodal Officers for Scheme-wise States and other services under the link “SERVICES” located on the Portal’s Home Page.

Does the use of digital signatures have to be mandatory?

Digital Signature is optional at the verification and registration stages of the NSP Application.

What is Offline Entry?

Bulk Download and Bulk upload are available for Offline data. These options can be found in the menu of State Nodal officer. According to Hon’ble Supreme Court directives, Aadhaar number is not required in NSP 2.0. Students who don’t have Aadhaar ID can either enter their enrolment ID or scan copy of their Bank A/c Number or Joint Bank A/c number with Parent or Guardian Passbook details along with a photograph which will be uploaded or submitted the sanctioning authorities. State Nodal Officer login has a new tool to upload Offline Data (Excel File). This allows you to enter Bulk data and upload it for both Renewal and Fresh cases.

How can I resolve the problem if I have the UDISE code but not the address or location of my Institute?

The school location and UDISE code and vice versa can be known from the below link

What type of search facility does the Institute or District offer students during registration?

At the Institution Name Level, you can access a comprehensive search tool that includes a partial search. You can also choose from a drop-down menu of districts.

How do you upload documents to NSP 2.0 when applying for scholarships?

Only documents for Scholarships exceeding Rs50000 per Annum are allowed to be uploaded

What about the fields that aren’t editable?

Aadhaar and Enrollment Id cannot be edited at any stage. These should be filled out carefully.

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